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BUBBLES - KIDS hand painted tee

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Image of BUBBLES - KIDS hand painted tee
  • Image of BUBBLES - KIDS hand painted tee
  • Image of BUBBLES - KIDS hand painted tee


Bubbles are the best. Don't you try to deny it, Mister I'm Too Grown Up And Serious To Blow Bubbles. I see you at night, dancing naked with your bubble blower in one hand, and your pineapple in the other, giggling as each bubble pops on your toes. We all do that, right? OH. OH. Oh. Oh, we don't. Um. *cough* WELL ANYWAY WHATEVER EVERYONE LIKES BUBBLES AND I KNOW IT SO THERE SHUT UP

I HAND PAINTED this t-shirt. Really!
This is how I do it:
  • Each one is individually hand drawn and painted by me - using non-toxic, solvent-free screen-printing ink. This is applied with brushes and pens and fingers and splats.
  • Once the paint is dry I heat-set the artwork, making it 100% machine washable (easy - cold machine wash and line dry).
  • I only use high quality, 100% cotton tees - manufactured under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. :-)

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